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2017 Eastern Winery Exposition | Money Management Marketing Conference Sessions

M01 | Why You Like the Wines You Like: Exploring the World of Consumer Preferences
M02 | Uncorking Your Brand Story by Uncovering Consumer Perceptions
M03 | The Road to Speedier Label Approvals from TTB

M01 | Why You Like the Wines You Like: Exploring the World of Consumer Preferences

Tim Hanni, MW

The wine industry is rife with misunderstandings about consumer preferences, attitudes and behaviors. While no one argues the idea that people have different “palates” there is little information quantifying these differences to enable more personalized marketing and consumer outreach. Tim explores how the combination of genetic variables, determining the range and intensity of sensations that can be perceived, and neurological/psychological conditioning, forming the meaning and opinions connected with sensations, in a way that can be used for more effective and personalized connection with your customers. Applications for this new level of consumer insights and market segmentation include more effective targeted marketing initiatives, creating a more inviting and inclusive tasting room environment, conducting uniquely memorable events and gaining a more sustainable and loyal consumer base. By leading with a deeper understanding of your potential and existing customers, rather than leading with the product, this offers new opportunities to sell a broader mix of products and create more occasions for them enjoying and sharing the wines you sell them.

Sweet wine lovers in particular have become stigmatized by an industry misinformed about wine history and the enjoyment of wine with food. Ignorance about what motivates sweet wine lovers, who we estimate to comprise 30-40% of the total available wine market, is pervasive and provides a tremendous opportunity for wine, cider and many other adult beverages. These misunderstandings and opportunities are not limited to sweet wine lovers. These new insights can benefit the positioning and sales of wines and ciders across the entire spectrum of flavor and price.


M02 | Uncorking Your Brand Story by Uncovering Consumer Perceptions

Dan Whitmyer

Dan Whitmyer is VP, Strategy at Northlich — an advertising agency based in Cincinnati, OH. Understanding what consumers actually thought about Ohio wine (as opposed to relying on assumed perceptions) helped the Ohio Grape Industries Committee build an integrated marketing plan and develop a compelling brand story to reach more wine lovers and sell more wine. Learn how they did it.


M03 | The Road to Speedier Label Approvals from TTB

Alexis Jewell

Alexis, a wine labeling specialist for TTB, will cover the steps the Bureau has taken to speed up the label approval process, and will also provide helpful tips on what you can do to improve your chances of getting labels approved the first time.