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Eastern Winery Exposition | Conference Program

Tasting at the Eastern Winery Exposition Conference

Dedicated to providing members of the Eastern wine and grape industries with relevant, practical and valuable information to further their product quality and business success.

The 2015 conference program is outlined below. Highlights of the program include:

  • Two day-long workshops; one for new vineyards and wineries, and one for expanding vineyards and wineries, on Tues. 3/17.
  • Solutions to current issues in Eastern viticulture, from plant material to frost damage, crop loads and more;
  • New Technology sessions for enology and viticulture;
  • Varietal focus on riesling, pinot noir, and two Austrian reds;
  • The most popular speakers from previous years and many new ones;
  • A wine flaw focus on volatile acidity;
  • Northern Grapes Symposium on Wed. 3/18;
  • A variety of registration options for any professional budget
  • 19 state and industry associations offering conference registration discounts to their members

2015 Conference Sessions

Conference sessions (except workshops 1 and 2) are listed in order by track: Enology, Money/Management/Marketing, Northern Grapes Symposium, and Viticulture. Speaker biographies, session descriptions, and schedule details will be posted the last week of October.

(both workshops include buffet lunch)

Launching Your Vineyard or Winery
W11: The Seven Best (and Worst) Ways to Start a Vineyard
W12: Winery Lab Focus
W13: TTB Introduction for New wineries and Online Resources for All
W14: Branding Focus: Who Do you Want to Be as a Winery?
W15: Winery Design Considerations

Growing from Small to Mid or Mid to Large Size Vineyard or Winery
W21: Financing Vineyard or Winery Expansion
W22: Design & Construction for Winery Expansion
W23: New Winery Technology
W24: New Winery Management Software
W25: New Closure and Container Technology

E01 | Reserve Riesling
E02 | Two Austrian Reds for Cool Climates
E03 | High Quality Pinot Noir in the East (Enology)
E04 | Wine Flaw Focus
E05 | New Yeast Tools

Money / Management / Marketing
M01 | Website Design Makeover Success Stories
M02 | The Three Most Common Tasting Room Problems
M03 | Wine Market Council Annual U.S. Consumer Report
M04 | Events Sense
M05 | Tasting Room Study Results

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Northern Grapes Symposium
N01 | Winter Damage in New York and Ohio: Data and Recommendations
N02 | Impact of Crop Load and Training on TA w. Marquette and Frontenac
N03 | Northern Grapes Tasting and Discussion TBD
N04 | Impact of Timing on Tannin Additions for Red Hybrid Fermentations
N05 | Project Summaries of Recent Research

V01 | Straight Talk on Plant Material
V02 | Maximizing Yields with Balanced Vines
V03 | High Quality Pinot Noir in the East (Viticulture)
V04 | Red Blotch Virus Update
V05 | Organic Viticulture: Is It for You?

Richard Leahy interviewing a speaker at the Eastern Winery Exposition ConferenceRichard Leahy has organized major wine industry conference seminar programs from Pennsylvania to Minnesota since 1997, and has been writing about wines of Virginia and the East since 1986. In 2007 he organized the Virginia Wine Experience in London which brought the top 64 Virginia wines there for leading British wine media and trade to taste. He was a regional editor for Kevin Zraly’s American Wine Guide, and was Mid-Atlantic and Southern Editor for the Oxford Companion to the Wines of North America. He was East Coast Editor of Vineyard & Winery Management for over ten years. He is a member of the Society of Wine Educators and the Circle of Wine Writers. Richard’s book on Virginia wine, Beyond Jefferson’s Vines, was published in June 2012 by Sterling Publishing. He also has a website and blog focused on wines of the East at www.richardleahy.com/blog.

  • Tim Benedict, Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards, East Coast Crush and Co-Pack
  • Mark Chien, Penn State, Pennsylvania
  • Jerry Forest, Buckingham Valley Vineyards, Pennsylvania
  • Denise Gardner, Penn State, Pennsylvania
  • Patty Held, Patty Held Consulting, Missouri
  • Doug Moorhead, Presque Isle Wine Cellars, Pennsylvania
  • Lucie Morton, Lucie Morton Consulting, Virginia
  • Peter Oldak, Jewell Towne Vineyards, NH
  • Tom Payette, Tom Payette Wine Consulting, Virginia
  • Brian Roeder, Barrel Oak Winery, Virginia