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Eastern Winery Exposition | Conference Program

Dedicated to providing members of the Eastern wine and grape industries with relevant, practical and valuable information to further their product quality and business success.

Highlights of the 2018 program:

    • 30 Conference sessions & Workshop modules with the focus on Enology, Viticulture and Money/Management/Marketing
    • 50% new-to-EWE Speakers: David Collins, Andrew Hodson, Jim Law, Luca Pascina, Emily Pelton, Roman Roth, Jeff White and more
    • Returning EWE Superstars: Barry Gump, Bubba Beasley, Tim Benedict, Denise Gardner, Lucie Morton, and more
    • One Full Day Workshop focusing on Sparkling Wines
    • A second Full Day Workshop on Managing Microbes to Avoid Spoilage
    • Emphasis on grape & wine issues, with more viticulture & enology sessions
    • Sessions dedicated to High-End Red Bordeaux style wines, Re-Thinking Cabernet Franc, Dry  Rosé Sauvignon Blanc
    • Money/Management/Marketing: two special EWE sessions presented by the License to Steal Wine Marketing Conference
    • 25 state and industry associations offering conference registration discounts to their members



Workshops & Conference at a Glance

EWE Workshops provide a full day exploration of a single topic. Choose from one of the two workshops offered or cherry-pick just the sessions you want. Lunch is included.

Workshop 1: Sparkling Wine
W01a | World Sparkling Market: Overview and Trends
W01b | Traditional Method Champagne Processing #1
W01b | Traditional Method Champagne Processing #2
W01d | Sparkling Variations: Petillant Naturel and Forced Carbonation
W01e | Marketing Sparkling Wines

Workshop 2: Managing Microbes to Avoid Spoilage During Aging
W02a | Microbial Management
W02b | Microbial Fault Sensory #1: Common Off-Flavors
W02c | Monitoring Microbes and Sanitation Review
W02d | Microbial Fault Sensory #2: Role of Oxidation
W02e | Challenges of Reducing SO2 Use | Q&A

Conference sessions are listed below in order by track: Enology, Money/Management/Marketing, Viticulture and joint Enology/Viticulture. The first two sessions of the Money/Management/Marketing track are a collaboration between the Eastern Winery Exposition and License to Steal conferences.

E01 | New Yeast Tools for Eastern Issues
E02 | Keg Wine: Production and Marketing
E03 | Re-Thinking Cabernet Franc: Enology Focus
E04 | High-End Red Bordeaux Style Wine
E05 | Lab Analysis for Beginners to Intermediates
E06 | Improved Lab Test Protocols for Ripper/Free S02 and Volatile Acidity Tests
E07 | A Practical Look at Fermentation Nutrition

EV01 | Prerequisites for Making Great Terroir-Based Wines in the Mid-Atlantic
EV02 | Winemakers Roundtable: Sauvignon Blanc
EV03 | Winemakers Roundtable: Dry Rosé

M01 | Joint Session with LTS: Marketing
M02 | Joint Session with LTS: Brand Strategies
M03 | Federal Compliance Update
M04 | Pricing For Profitability

V01 | Pruning Defensively to Minimize Bud Loss
V02 | Re-Thinking Cabernet Franc: Clones & Viticulture Issues
V03 | Effective Fungal Disease Management
V04 | Multi-Dimensional Vineyard Mapping for Optimal Fruit
V05 | Nematode Control
V06 | Contract Vineyard Labor Issues

Session descriptions, speaker biographies and the full program schedule will be available in late October. Registration opens November 2.

Conference Manager

Richard Leahy speaking at the Eastern Winery Exposition ConferenceRichard Leahy has organized major wine industry conference seminar programs from Pennsylvania to Minnesota since 1997, and has been writing about wines of Virginia and the East since 1986. In 2007 he organized the Virginia Wine Experience in London which brought the top 64 Virginia wines there for leading British wine media and trade to taste. He was a regional editor for Kevin Zraly’s American Wine Guide, and was Mid-Atlantic and Southern Editor for the Oxford Companion to the Wines of North America. He was East Coast Editor of Vineyard & Winery Management for over ten years. He is a member of the Society of Wine Educators and the Circle of Wine Writers. Richard’s book on Virginia wine, Beyond Jefferson’s Vines, now in a second edition, was first published in 2012 by Sterling Publishing. He also has a website and blog focused on wines of the East at

Program Advisory Board

Thank you to the EWE Program Advisory Board for their input, ideas, feedback, and suggestions that continue to make the EWE Conference stronger every year.

  • Tim Benedict, Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards, New York
  • Jerry Forest, Buckingham Valley Vineyards, Pennsylvania
  • Denise Gardner, Penn State, Pennsylvania
  • Patty Held, Patty Held Consulting, Missouri
  • Doug Moorhead, Presque Isle Wine Cellars, Pennsylvania
  • Lucie Morton, Lucie Morton Consulting, Virginia
  • Peter Oldak, Jewell Towne Vineyards, New Hampshire
  • Tom Payette, Tom Payette Wine Consulting, Virginia