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Eastern Winery Exposition | Conference Program

Dedicated to providing members of the Eastern wine and grape industries with relevant, practical and valuable information to further their product quality and business success.

Highlights of the program include:

    • 30 Conference sessions & Workshop modules with the focus on Enology, Viticulture and Money/Marketing/Management
    • Two Full Day Workshops: one focusing on new containers, closures and bottling issues, a second workshop on fruit wines, mead & cider
    • Enology focus on lab and analysis issues for all audiences
    • Viticulture focus on how cultural practices influence wine aroma and flavors
    • Enology & Viticulture combined: crafting fine red blends in cool climates, worthwhile old and new hybrids
    • Two dedicated sessions on riesling
    • Money/Marketing/Management: two special EWE sessions presented by the License to Steal Wine Marketing Conference (East)
    • 24 state and industry associations offering conference registration discounts to their members


Workshops & Conference at a Glance


EWE Workshops provide a full day exploration of a single topic. Lunch is also included.

W01 | Workshop 1: New Containers, Closures and Bottling Issues
W01a | New Containers #1: Astrapouch, Cans & PET
W01b | New Containers #2: Keg Wine Production & Marketing Issues
W01c | Updates on Old and New Closures
W01d | Pre-Bottling QC Protocols
W01e | Overcoming Technical Challenges in Bottling

W02 | Workshop 2: Fruit Wine, Cider and Mead
W02a | Fruit Wine Enology Issues
W02b | Fruit Winemaker Roundtable
W02c | Meadmaker Roundtable
W02d | Cidermaker Roundtable
W02e | Raising the Bar: Positioning Fruit Wine, Cider & Mead as High Quality, Worthwhile Products

“The best show in the country for EASTERN Wineries due to covering topics and grape varieties we deal with.”
-Margaret Easley, Easley Enterprises, 2016 Attendee


Conference sessions are listed below in order by track: Enology (E), Money/Management/Marketing (M), Viticulture (V) and Joint Enology/Viticulture (EV). Full session descriptions are available on the individual track pages. The speaker list with biographies is available on the Speakers page. The Conference schedule is available on the Schedule at a Glance.

E01 | Dry Reserve Riesling: East & West
E02 | Lab Focus for Small Wineries
E03 | Oak Focus: Barrel Alternatives
E04 | What the YAN Is Going on in My Fermentation?
E05 | Lemberger & Blaufrankisch Winemaker Roundtable
E06 | New Technology in Winery Sanitation
E07 | Improvements to Existing Lab Analyses: VA by Cash Still & the Ripper Method for Measuring Free S02

Enology & Viticulture
EV01 | Crafting Fine Red Blends in Cool Climates
EV02 | Old but Worthwhile Cold-Hardy Red Hybrids
EV03 | Enhancing Varietal and Aromatic Compounds from Vine to Wine
EV04 | Aromella and Arandell: the Newest Cornell Hybrids
EV05 | Five-Year SCRI Grant Results: Improved Grape & Wine Quality in a Challenging Environment; An Eastern U.S. Model for Sustainability & Economic Vitality

Money / Management / Marketing
M01 | Why You Like the Wines You Like: Exploring the World of Consumer Preferences
M02 | Uncorking Your Brand Story by Uncovering Consumer Perceptions
M03 | The Road to Speedier Label Approvals from TTB

V01 | Fruit Zone Leaf Removal in Cabernet Franc: Impacts on Yield & Fruit Composition
V02 | Red Blotch Virus Update
V03 | Send in the (Riesling) Clones
V04 | Effects of Crop Load and Hang Time on Wine Aroma Compounds & Sensory Properties
V05 | Nitrogen Management in Cover-Cropped Vineyards

Conference Manager

Richard Leahy speaking at the Eastern Winery Exposition ConferenceRichard Leahy has organized major wine industry conference seminar programs from Pennsylvania to Minnesota since 1997, and has been writing about wines of Virginia and the East since 1986. In 2007 he organized the Virginia Wine Experience in London which brought the top 64 Virginia wines there for leading British wine media and trade to taste. He was a regional editor for Kevin Zraly’s American Wine Guide, and was Mid-Atlantic and Southern Editor for the Oxford Companion to the Wines of North America. He was East Coast Editor of Vineyard & Winery Management for over ten years. He is a member of the Society of Wine Educators and the Circle of Wine Writers. Richard’s book on Virginia wine, Beyond Jefferson’s Vines, now in a second edition, was first published in 2012 by Sterling Publishing. He also has a website and blog focused on wines of the East at

Program Advisory Board

Thank you to the EWE Program Advisory Board for their input, ideas, feedback, and suggestions that continue to make the EWE Conference stronger every year.

  • Jerry Forest, Buckingham Valley Vineyards, Pennsylvania
  • Denise Gardner, Penn State, Pennsylvania
  • Patty Held, Patty Held Consulting, Missouri
  • Doug Moorhead, Presque Isle Wine Cellars, Pennsylvania
  • Lucie Morton, Lucie Morton Consulting, Virginia
  • Peter Oldak, Jewell Towne Vineyards, New Hampshire
  • Tom Payette, Tom Payette Wine Consulting, Virginia