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2018 Eastern Winery Exposition | Schedule at a Glance

Tuesday, March 6, 2018
10:30AM-5:00PM W01 | Workshop 1: Sparkling Wine W02 | Workshop 2: Managing Microbes to Avoid Spoilage During Aging
10:00AM-10:25AM Coffee Break
10:30AM-11:30AM W01a: World Sparkling Market: Overview and Trends W02a: Microbial Management
11:40AM-12:40PM W01b: Traditional Method Champagne Processing #1 W02b: Microbial Fault Sensory #1: Common Off-Flavors
12:40PM-1:35PM Workshop Lunch
1:40PM-2:40PM W01c: Traditional Method Champagne Processing #2 W02c: Monitoring Microbes and Sanitation Review
2:50PM-3:50PM* W01d: Sparkling Variations: Petillant Naturel and Charmat/Bulk W02d: Microbial Fault Sensory #2: Role of Oxidation (*2:50PM-3:30PM)
*4:00PM-5:00PM W01e: Marketing Sparkling Wines W02e: Challenges of Reducing So2 Use | Q&A (*3:30PM-5:00PM)
6:00PM-7:30PM Welcome Wine Reception

Wednesday, March 7, 2018
8:15AM-9:15AM E01: New Yeast Tools for Eastern Issues V01: Pruning Defensively to Minimize Bud Loss
9:25AM-10:25AM E02: Keg Wine: Production and Marketing V02: Re-Thinking Cabernet Franc: Clones & Viticulture Issues
10:25AM-10:35AM Coffee Break
10:40AM-11:55AM E03: Re-Thinking Cabernet Franc: Enology Focus V03: Effective Fungal Disease Management
12:00PM-1:00PM Buffet Lunch Social
2:15PM-3:30PM E04: High-End Red Bordeaux Style Wine V04: Multi-Dimensional Vineyard Mapping for Optimal Fruit
3:40PM-4:50PM EV01: Prerequisites for Making Great Terroir-Based Wines in the Mid-Atlantic V05: Nematode Control
6:45PM-8:15PM 7th Annual Industry Celebration Dinner
8:15PM ASEV-ES Live Auction

Thursday, March 8, 2018
8:20AM-9:20AM E05: Lab Analysis for Beginners to Intermediates M01: Joint Session with LTS: Marketing
9:30 AM-10:30AM EV02: Winemakers Roundtable: Sauvignon Blanc M02: Joint Session with LTS: Brand Strategies
10:30AM-10:40AM Coffee Break
10:45AM-11:45AM EV03: Winemakers Roundtable: Dry Rosé V06: Contract Vineyard Labor Issues
12:00PM-1:15PM Lunch Buffet in the Exhibit Hall
2:00PM-3:00PM E06: Improved Lab Test Protocols for Ripper/Free S02 and Volatile Acidity Tests M03: Federal Compliance Update
3:10PM-4:15PM E07: A Practical Look at Fermentation Nutrition M04: Pricing For Profitability

Tuesday Workshops Enology Enology/Viticulture Money/Management/Marketing Viticulture