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Eastern Winery Exposition | Schedule

Wednesday, March 22, 2017
10:30AM-5:00PM W01: New Containers, Closures and Bottling W02 | Workshop 2: Fruit Wine, Cider and Mead
10:00AM-10:25AM Coffee Break
10:30AM-11:30AM W01a: New Containers #1: Astrapouch, Cans &
W02a: Fruit Wine Enology Issues
11:40AM-12:40PM W01b: New Containers #2: Keg Wine Production
& Marketing Issues
W02b: Fruit Winemaker Roundtable
12:40PM-1:35PM Workshop Lunch
1:40PM-2:40PM W01c Updates on Old and New Closures W02c Mead Winemaker Roundtable
2:50PM-3:50PM W01d: Pre-Bottling QC Protocols W02d: Cider Winemaker Roundtable
4:00PM-5:00PM W01e: Overcoming Technical Challenges in Bottling W02e: Raising the Bar: Positioning Fruit Wine, Cider & Mead as High Quality, Worthwhile Products
6:00PM-7:30PM Welcome Wine Reception

Thursday, March 23, 2017
8:15AM-9:15AM E01: Dry Reserve Riesling: East & West M01: Why You Like the Wines You Like
9:25AM-10:25AM E02: Lab Focus for Small Wineries M02: Planning your Story Before Launching It
10:25AM-10:35AM Coffee Break
10:40AM-11:55AM E03: Oak Focus: Barrel Alternatives V01: Fruit Zone Leaf Removal in Cabernet Franc; Impacts on Yield and Fruit Composition
12:00PM-1:00PM Buffet Lunch Social
2:15PM-3:30PM EV01: Crafting Fine Red Blends in Cool Climates V02: Red Blotch Virus Update
3:40PM-4:50PM E04: What the YAN Is Going in my Fermentation? V03: Send in the (Riesling) Clones
6:45PM-8:15PM 6th Annual Industry Celebration Dinner
8:15PM ASEV-ES Live Auction

Friday, March 24, 2017
8:20AM-9:20AM E05: Lemberger/Blaufrankisch Winemaker Roundtable M03:  TTB: Label Approval Process
9:30 AM-10:30AM EV02: Old but Worthwhile Cold-Hardy Red Hybrids V04: Impact of Crop Harvest Level and Date on Wine Aroma Compounds & Sensory Properties
10:30AM-10:40AM Coffee Break
10:45AM-11:45AM E06: New Technology in Winery Sanitation EV03: Enhancing Varietal and Aromatic Compounds from Vine to Wine
12:00PM-1:15PM Lunch Buffet in the Exhibit Hall
2:00PM-3:00PM E07: Improvements to Existing Lab Tests EV04: Aromella and Arandell: the Newest Cornell Hybrids
3:10PM-4:10PM* EV05: Five-Year SCRI Grant Results (*ends @ 4:30) V05: Nitrogen Management in Cover-Cropped Vineyards

Tuesday Workshops Enology Enology/Viticulture Money/Management/Marketing Viticulture